At utilizing the Virtual Healthcare Quality Service we’ve included a Glossary that should facilitate your non-skipping an unfamiliar or not entirely understood word, whereas the only reason why somebody drops the study, is when he/she becomes confused and hence unable to learn in a simplified manner – that he or she has skipped an un-comprehended word. Attained in the ‘Glossary way’ will also be the match in understanding and construing of the textual contents by all users of the services.


  • To facilitate the use of correct terms and their definitions
  • To enable users to know the connections between terms used and their definitions
  • To allow for competent presentation of a manager's knowledge in the healthcare environment

 When use glossary?

  1. During the study of the available e-learning material of healthcare organization management
  2. During the design and implementation of integrated management system in patient/client oriented healthcare organization
  3. During the process of executing the necessary steps to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of patient/client oriented healthcare organization
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