Guidebook for patients relatives

With the main objectives of our partnership, such as carrying out an innovative & creative study with an European multi-disciplinary approach, we want to actualize this EU LLP LdV partnership project with the title of "Guiding the patients' relatives with the help of illness management handbook including the 50 most common illnesses" and get into this partnership with the experienced organizations in their fields from different European countries.

In daily life; we, as the specialists in all European health sector, come across with lots of people with different kinds of health problems and try to produce solutions for them. In this manner, there is a crucial mission falls to patient relatives, but there is a big deficiency on the point of directing them for the patients' illness management in European countries.

In paralel with this need of health sector and the aims of European Union, we will implement some mobilities, workshops, online surveys/studies and, after defining the 50 most common illnesses by the project partners, prepare an 'illness management guidebook' for the patients' relatives, as the project output.

Also, we'll create a web-site and publish/translate all these materials as online, and disseminate the printed products with the help of Ministries of Health, to almost all provincial directorates of health and hospitals.

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